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Spy software is reliable keyboard surveillance system that secretly records external user's activities on your Desktop/Laptop computer. Key logging software captures all typed keystrokes, including visited web links, search engine searches, chat records, typed username/passwords, sent mails etc in encrypted log files. Easy to use application provides facility to automatically send recorded log file details at specified email id as per your settings.

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Category : Security Utility


Easy to use Advance keyboard surveillance tool enables you to monitor your children, spouse, friends and other family member's online/offline activities on the computer system with complete secrecy. Highly scalable Home key logger software acts as popular Family keylogger which allows parents to keep an eye on their kid's internet activities (whether children are doing chat with strangers or visiting adult websites) and helpful to find out if your spouse is cheating you.

Spy monitoring tools is capable of running in invisible mode where it is possible to monitor all computer activities secretly. Invisible key logger tool runs in hidden mode and does not appear in Desktop, Program Files menu, Add-Remove programs, Installation path folder. Vista keylogger software starts working as background process on your computer when turn on your pc and secretly detects user's pc activities without providing any knowledge of software installation. Keyboard monitoring software is a perfect tool to make sure that your employees don't access inappropriate websites or use computer for task that is not related to their work. Professional Key logger is helpful to detect employees' pc activities whether they install malicious software or share confidential business files that may be harmful for you. Keyboard activity Logger allows user to assign hot keys or run command option to access the software if running in hidden mode.

Spy Keyboard monitoring tool is helpful to view either complete details of input strokes or can view only printing keystrokes. Software works in either standard or hidden mode as per user choice and requirement. Our fast remote keystroke logger allows you to monitor what has been done on your computer in your absence and lets you generate detailed report of all recorded activities. Windows keylogger software records windows login session, and records keystrokes activities in encrypted log files with advance log file mail option at PC owner mail-id. Download keylogger monitoring tool which is very easy to use and does not require any technical expertise to handle it.

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