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USB Data Protection tool

USB data protection tool for windows network is a real time USB activity monitoring program that enables you to monitor data transfer activities from USB mass storage media to computer system or vice versa for preventing unauthorized use of data. USB data theft protection tool protects unwanted access of USB devices over windows network. USB security blocking software is helpful in monitoring the plug-ins and plug-out activities of USB mass storage devices on windows computer network.


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USB device data protection tool is capable to monitor multiple computer system in any network at a time even if network cable is unplugged or is broken.


Windows network data security utility is easy to use and reliable application program notifies you by a beep sound even when removable pen drive media is enabled or disabled over network computer. USB data theft blocker software easily tracks the USB mass storage media activities like device status, client's pc name and IP address, USB drive name, hardware capacity, date and time when information is received to the server etc and data protection software facilitates to save monitoring log in file format. Anti-data theft prevention tool provides a real time or offline monitoring of USB drives and alerts you when any USB mass storage media is inserted or removed from the local system connected within LAN network. Network administrator is fully capable to change the access and permission settings of USB port devices on both server and client machine.

USB data leakage protection software is useful for small to large scale organizations who want to enhance their network security by controlling USB device access on client machine. USB drive hardware monitoring tool supports all types of removable media popularly known as USB drives, Pen drive, Thumb drive, Memory stick, Flash card, iPod etc with major manufactures including Sony, Kingston, Philips, Acer, Samsung and more.

Features Highlights
  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Provide data security.
  • Simple, fast and reliable.
  • Highly interactive and user friendly.
  • Easily install software.
  • Support all windows operating system.

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