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Spy Software - Professional

Spy Software - Professional

Advance Keylogger Software is monitoring solution that keeps record of overall system and internet activities performed on your system in your absence. Keylogging utility works completely in the stealth mode and no one except system owner could be aware of its presence on the machine. computer spying application monitors overall PC activities including typed keystrokes in any application (along with date, time and window title), System sound activities (including played songs, recorded mp3, voice chat conversation), visited websites, Clipboard activities (copy-paste actions performed by external users on your machine) and other System setting activities (including system startup time and time settings along with computer and user name).

Price: $49
Spy Software - Professional Screenshot
Spy Software - Professional Screenshot

Spy keylogger tool lets you detect which mails were sent secretly when you were not there. With the help of keylogger utility system owner can easily record all chat conversation, ICQ chats, all instant messages, chat conversations in AOL chat rooms, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, MySpace etc. Professional Keylogger utility easily provides detailed information of every application launched or accessed and records anything typed in a protected file with window caption and path of accessed application.

PC spying software easily captures Windows screenshots at regular interval of time just like surveillance camera in hidden mode with provided slideshow option for sequentially viewing screen snapshots.

Keyboard activity logger has been built with advance features and capabilities that help you can easily generate report of recorded information in text or html file format. Hidden monitoring tool once installed on the machine will not appear in Desktop, Add-Remove program list, Start menu and even hidden in installation paths.

Invisible keylogger utility monitors and records complete details of users PC and internet activities in encrypted log file with the facility to deliver logs to remote computer via email feature or can be uploaded via FTP server without getting known by current users.

Advance Keyboard key monitoring program is fully password protected that restricts unauthorized users to change the software configuration settings. Family Keylogger utility starts automatically each time your windows start and facilitates users to access the software when running in stealth mode with the help of hot key or run command settings.

Features Highlights:

  • PC activity recording tool
  • Internet browsing activity recorder
  • Capture screen snapshots
  • Record clipboard contents
  • Logs sound activities
  • Send log file via Email or FTP Server
  • Report generation
  • Password protected
  • Hidden monitoring tool
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